The Earnest Observer

In response to the line in Vinyl Black Top that seems to be the only line people remember, I have written a further accounting of my observations.










The Earnest Observer

by Rob Rice



Some look like a raspberry

Hot and tart

Sweet raw red


Others like a lobotomy


Others still like a Croque Madame



Androgynous pretty Asian girl

Keeps a fresh peeled hard-boiled egg in there

Winking because she knows I know about the bright buttery yolk



Some like Mona Lisa’s smile

Sly and grey


Others like novice caulking and hay

Hastily deployed to plug a serious leak in the foundation


Others still like the sound your boots make

Extricating themselves from the mud



Intelligent eyes underlined with freckles that

Crown a hard shelf of bone

Her’s like a stoma stained from still being smoked through



Some like compote

Made a bit too unctuous

With currant and whole star anise


Others like a Night Heron’s

Suspicious peering off a slender single leg


Others still like the hopeful false confusion

Of hogs following each other toward The Noise



Living her life in a succession of snow globes

Her’s the ragged sulking Hyena

At an edge of the rout

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