Newark Maid




Newark Maid

by Rob Rice



A lot of bricks were laid

Back before we had cell phones and DNA

There were heaved bundles and scratches to show, weepers

Red thumbs and lazy monikers


And unsavory jobs like stretcher and bleeder, fitting Kid

For balls and amorous winter ambling

As the luck bandages the loss


Slender gaseous output

Jains covering their mouths

Because of freedom of speech or something

Hoping that what they can say

Will be misinterpreted rampantly

And eventually approximate something powerful

And sell them copies


Bloated blessings that wheeze from a beached seal

Hot from end of life rush and decomp.

Sand gets implicated in so much movement

Unfairly roped into various arguments

That pretty much just go in circles


Things aren’t always what they seem

At Gentle Dental

The grace of god is in the files

An order of women and men

Cleansed and drilled on behaviors

Like getting out from between the bone

An accumulated evidence there


Seek out passage and potatoes

And boil on the boat

Glimmering copper beaconess

Isn’t looking like herself these days

Verdigris ghillie

Lichen of cash and coin

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