Trait Bait


Trait Bait

by Rob Rice





You moldy batter

You perpetually unmade bed

You lustrous ass castle

You shin kick

You plutocratic wino lizard

You slimy minky spare moustache

You look like you have Vaseline on your forehead

You look like you missed a spot

Like you’ve been eating heavy

You queasy week

You floozy wacker

You winter

You sidewinding detour

You disappointing scenic route

You misplaced inflection

You wrong prosody

You intentionally bashful actor above earnesty

You wildly misleading epithet

You crooked pedagogue, dating down for energy

You wax smirk, perpetual and frustrating

You clean kitchen

You box of individually packaged catheters

You limp whistle misfire

You headache scented can liner

You pock

You genetically thick calf

You convincing faker

Making tactically interested eye contact

And bouncing my story along

Like a beach ball in a concert

With your perfectly timed Mhms

You sleek prep

You coveted exclusive item

You inconvenient time to choke on water

You irresponsible hypnotist

You wasted little snack

You uninformative docket

You overbearing outfit

You third retelling of an endearing rescue story

By your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend

You checkered past

You boring secret

You wispy pubis

You outer of embellishments

You territorial co-worker

You mostly broth soup

Lacking salt

You losing Keno chit

You obvious cosmetic

You temporary stint on an endangered species list

Garnering you countless centuries of sympathy

You responsible life decision

You comfortable optimist

You recipient of due credit

You exchange of winks among strangers

You thirtieth second of a thirty second stretch

You hurt bird

You restaurant staple

You champion of an overused idiom

You isolating tinny laugh

You topical hybrid word

Representing something useless

You skort

You rigorous process

You meticulous and low yield mill

You unanimously retained decommissioned sneaker

You ambiguous flavor

Not listed in the dish description

You’re on the tip of my tongue

You discreet handoff of documents

You most important sentence

You got redacted

You effortless first timer

You multi-dimensional talent

You lost troop

You cursed storefront

Where nothing ever survives

You profitable anomaly

You gracefully resolved misunderstanding

You happy couple at the café

You make everyone miserable

You indistinct spectrum

You tropical hotel library

That nobody judges

You suggestive animal cracker

You uninterested half

Of a pair of mortal enemies

You beloved videotape

Of your garbled baby self

Trying to explain about the switch at the hospital

You forgotten detail

You third day of a ten-day vacation

You entrepreneurial genius

Pitching your idea for a chain of cheap hotels

Modeled after a dry cleaner’s

But with hammocks rotating around the rack

You bleach stain

You domestic irony

You succession of toe stubbings

You expectedly abandoned tidal pool

You single missing piece of a board game

You forgotten one of very many spent dollars


Do you want to get in this car?

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