Are You Getting Interested?


Are You Getting Interested

by Rob Rice



Are you getting interested

Or just getting “A”s?


“Your discussion of relevance


The sunset I’m overhearing

Is necessarily false

Regardless of the subject”

Which… admittedly I missed


You are a frayed family

You man, daughter, and lawyer

What happened to mom

Happened to the girl too



Scene: “Sex-devoid cow births, us interfacing with animals”

Getting in some real rural goodness

And with glove-induced peristaltic motion a

Hand full of shit

Imposter offspring she has no choice but slowly to learn to love

As at least they validate her candidacy


Coordinate careerism, in hiding the brute away

Keeping at bay the biology, taxonomic entry

Jagged composition like spectacle stones in ridges and pepto-viscera bubbles

In colors there

That make seem clear

There is nothing you’ve invented:

Preemptive rocks, sharp peaked churn in open oil

Linear time

Displayed in rock

Crashing into a wall of dead man’s envy

Like a test dummy history

But, like, suspecting


We imagine the distain of extinct or even other animals

But it’s no cold expressive azurite


“Shh,” it says, “just wait”


Pursue a career, concreting in of the brute

Sealant of slick troggy tendency

Capsule’s fistula reveals an

Apathetic wringing of necks a

Twisting off of tops

Even still, unconvinced,

Lip service to rocks to

Miles of rocks to no

Shortage of rocks?

Bruised, scabbed and squat rocks

Oxford commas?

As if!

Spathic Andean ranges!

This is your mother!


Your aspiration excludes

You from the revolution


Amazing, how his knocking actually gets less insistent, the brute

Like he does, he must admit, have to concede the fundaments of value in

Your careering:

That career is your currency!

That is your screen!

Your subduing warren of summonses

Your netted neural diaper

Your Hot Knot

That screen is your home!




I need to empty out


All this acidic stuff in my sternum is aberrantly dissolving pennies


that I could have saved up


                                      and spent









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