Green Need





Green Need

by Rob Rice




A notice arrived

From the almond willow


A consensus sourced whole from the Salix

Community -integra, babylonica

They wish

Generous in consolation

For us to know

They need us


That they love like we do

In mushy drooping gestures

Mealy and partly of


and apple it is

To say that

The children hiding in that skirt

From their future

Their one common boogeyman

Have found a place to hide

That’s worth it


And that

Glamorous apple

Skin already like candy

Or an ornament is

Spiraled off with work knives


That thumb eating beauty of


That too

Is worth it


Despite then

Surprise Malus

Poison avoidant domestics

No knowledge

Of that

history Us children of cultivars


We’ve seen

A graceful field with tall birds

All that individual grass

Reedy and wild

Full of time

And maturity no wonder everyone is still a girl

In the woods


But just

Cross talk of cold air

Brittle-skinning old trees

Who blossom anyway

They’re going forward

With abandon like a woman

Who doesn’t let it get to her

Who you still imagine

Bringing the sun in on her skin

And letting you have some




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  1. Derek Z · November 21, 2016



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