Now He’s Hard To Get Ahold Of

Jamie was recently accepted to a highly prestigious graduate poetry program. I am truly happy for him and grateful that we have gotten to feature his work on this site over the past year and a half.

While that’s all well and good, I cannot help but be reminded of a story I once heard on This American Life (ep. 573 “Status Update”). In it, Neil Drumming laments the partial loss of his longtime friend Ta-Nehisi Coates to the licentious world of paid academic appearances and book signings. I also feel at a loss and left out, like I’m ready for the bright lights and superstardom that inevitably accompany those very few and very fortunate inductees into the fold of Modern American Poetry – so where’s my golden ticket? I want to be recognized on the streets, to have my lyric lines quoted back to me in unison by the screaming masses or to be gawked at in silence by fans floored that I retain enough humility to take the subway. I want to be on the late night shows, to sell out the stadiums, to drown in the excesses of grotesque wealth, to be swallowed up by the frenzy that hounds each of our beloved Bards as they walk along among us.

But it was never meant to be me. It was always him.

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Poems by Jamie Thomson 

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