//a dispatch from Jamie Thomson// 


I spent a lot of time this summer helping my family’s neighbors, Lester and Lella, clean their attic, which was great, because they paid me, and because they are among my favorite people to spend time with in Northampton. When we weren’t sorting through things, we sat on their porch and drank juice and talked, slowly and easily. Up amongst the things we found was a series of family scenes from the 1950s or 60s, perhaps intended to teach a class, though the material didn’t seem so clear to me. Instead of bringing them to the dump, I tried my best to decipher the lesson.


(1) using the laidlaw charts.jpg


American Dumb        

     by Jamie Thomson 


(2) life is pretty much always happening.jpg

(3) meanwhile the beautys everywhere around you.jpg

(4) they were busily making new meaning.jpg

(5) they were all out validating each others' mondays.jpg

(6) touch me hold me happily ever after.jpg

(7) it was yet another good talk.jpg


(8) it was actually a sort of funeral.jpg

(9) one more dream was coming to an end.jpg

(10) and then you remember it forever.jpg

(11) held together by some fragile rope.jpg

(12) we go fast so as to more readily forget.jpg

(13) when i win i feel good.jpg

(14) but what about alone at night.jpg

(15) devastation can also be slow yet equally painful.jpg

(16) learning is fun but also may serve to illuminate the rigid class structures that define us.jpg

(17) wishing they never left.jpg

(18) a happy family at play.jpg

(19) it's been missing for so long.jpg

(20) never to be heard from again.jpg





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