Rob Rice is at 413-695-2470

Rob is a filmmaker and neuroscientist from lapsed jews but good people in Western Mass.

He did the CalArts Film Directing MFA program.

You can check out public works here or follow him on instagram at public.cousins

You can email him for hire and for links to private works/works in progress here:

Most worth mentioning is Way Out Ahead of Us – Rob’s debut feature shot over 40ish days in eastern California, about an eccentric family struggling to leave some kind of legacy that will outlive their fading desert town. They’ve finished post now and are hopeful for a premiere in 2021. More formal promotional content forthcoming, but for now just accept my word (this is Rob writing / awkwardly switching between first and third person) that it will be really good and worth watching and to keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for being here.

This site has changed a bit – now it’s supposed to serve dual purposes as a kind of professional website for me as well as the community poetry space it used to be all about. If you click on “about” in that top left menu it should take you to the original scrolling blog format with all the poems 🙂