ROB RICE ----- filmmaker

Rob Rice is a filmmaker from western Massachusetts.

Once upon a time, he did a master’s in neuroscience at Tulane University and then worked as an engineer in CRISPR genetics at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

He is currently living in Los Angeles, where he graduated from the MFA Film Directing program at CalArts, and where he was selected to attend the 2019 Flaherty Film Seminar as a Fellow.

His work explores the politics of catastrophe and communion in America, The Future, science, infrastructure, and the social constructions of meaning.

His feature debut, Way Out Ahead of Us, was produced by Matt Porterfield and premiered in competition at FIDMarseille 2022.

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UPCOMING FILMS                                                                           


feature fiction

A terrifying Buneulian comedy about right-wing ideological reproduction and some cathartic ways to sabotage it. When the buffet where Zeke’s mom works closes down, he’s forced to entertain the advances of a rich regular who seems strangely set on becoming his dad.




feature fiction
in pre-production

A disaffected academic cartographer sabotages the costly fiber optic cable voyage she’s on, convinced she’s about to discover a new continent. 


Business Landscape 

feature doc

Bitcoin bunkers, brothels, server farms, visionaries, water, the desert, the future, the past, and the promise of an apocalypse-proof economy.